Natural Landscape Artwork // Art // Global warming

The form of Australia’s contribution to the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale is a natural landscape artwork. Inspired by grassland of southeast Victoria. It’s made to make people aware of the disappearing natural landscape. The landscape is created by planting more than 10,000 plants. The installation represents an invasion of nature into our lives. Making it a perfect combination of nature- and urban design.















Global warming is changing the world and its vegetation. That is entirely our faults and as a way to restore some of it, you see more and more projects revolving around the planet and its inhabitants. For instance, we see more and more cafe’s and restaurants that revolve around the plants and flowers in it making clean air for people who chose to eat there. Besides restaurants, there are more art installations like Breath/ng from artist Kengo Kuma which is absorbing harmful air pollutants. These projects are necessary for us and saving nature, even though we destroyed it first. 
















Photos Natural landscape artwork Rory Gardiner